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Commerce for a cause (with a little help from technology).

The Footprints Network

I am what you might label a tech buff or tech geek (or that ghastly one, tech-freak). Yet, oddly enough, I don’t believe technology has always made our lives better. Thankfully, Australian-based NGO Footprints has a more optimistic outlook on the subject. It pushes technology to fund community development projects around the world – using a mechanism to collect micro-donations at partner e-commerce sites.

It’s simple, really. Imagine you are at the checkout page of an online store that’s partnered with Footprints. There’s a small box below asking you if you’d like to make a small donation towards a charitable cause. It’s similar to those plastic receptacles you see at real-life stores where you can show your support for CRY or Helpage. Except that all this is happening online. And you don’t have to fish in your pockets for small change – just click on the checkbox.

At a time when Corporate Social Responsibility is such a big deal, Footprints provides a tangible solution. While shielding customers from the complex behind-the-scenes tech. Partner companies can easily incorporate the downloadable Footprints API into their websites. After some requisite back-end integration, there you have it: your very own ready-to-roll CSR initiative!

In all fairness, it’s for a good cause. And it’s heartening to see companies like Footprints use (or at least attempt to use) technology for that unquestionably noble intention i.e. to heal the world.

P.S. The Footprints API is completely free and customisable. So if you have a client (or if you are one), you can easily tailor-code it to suit the product category or charity of your preference.

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