Getting in shape for the Prince.

UK-based Maverick Media were commissioned to promote Ubisoft’s Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones. Maverick created 3 videos, each of which were posted online, all ending with the message ‘’Get Training’’. The videos directed viewers to the now-defunct URL – referring to the game’s original 2005 release date. Here are all of them together. More after the jump.

Now how did you like that? Things that go viral on the Internet usually depict extremes i.e. the humour is gross, the violence is too much, the sex is gratuitous. Why? Because the same rules that apply to television and radio programming do not apply to content online. There’s no watchdog (not worldwide at least), and Dad and Mom don’t monitor the PC like they do the TV. More importantly, people don’t necessarily do what’s standard and safe.

Okay, imagine this. You’ve got the video of a triple-hanky, parent-daughter relationship spot for some bank. You’ve also a video of how to get laid on prom night. Which one would you pass on to friends? Let me put it like this: Any guesses, which one is more likely to become popular/viral?

Brands are still trying to get a grip on this whole what-makes-a-viral concept. And it’s generally been a hit and miss. Look at the Prince of Persia videos. They show 2 ordinary guys trying to master the game controls (in this case, a PlayStation) as depicted in the handbook. The twist is that their practice takes place in the real world. There’s enough relatable jargon for gamers. There’s also lots of silly, fake blood and laughs to be had, if you like it that way. But what makes this a truly viral campaign? Because, in the end, the videos feel like online content – and not some plugged-in product promotion.

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