Hope you’re having a rocking-good time!

Whew! Just realised it’s been a month since I started this blog. Believe me, it’s been the best experience ever (apart from the Hard Rock Café at Bangkok). And like they say, good things should get better… I’ll soon be posting an article on new-age photography, should be a blast. Also, the next installment of TV spots includes some of my personal favourites that are, oddly enough, all from the UK :-). And, oh right, I’m planning a brand-new category too. Exclusively devoted to viral ideas – with yours truly commenting on what makes each one special (or suck)… So watch out for all those groovy posts. Thanks for keeping me company y’all and, hey, keep dropping by.

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One response to “Hope you’re having a rocking-good time!

  1. Now, this is good stuff!!

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