So you wanna watch a TV spot? – Part 2

Lincoln Blackwood – Fish
Does a TV spot always have to be self-explanatory and neatly tied-up? No. Sometimes, you’re in just for the experience. Strange, sensual, sensory or even surreal. This here is one surreal fucking ride. Featuring a cool track from one of my favourite lounge acts 🙂

Agency: Young & Rubicam
Director: Andrew Douglas

Centraal Beheer – Hypnotist
Finally, an insurance company that takes itself seriously. By making commercials that are anything but. Centraal Beheer’s TV commercials (explained here) are famously entertaining, witty, memorable, in Dutch and in English, and here’s my pick of the lot. As with most of their spots, it’s well-made and actually unpredictable.

Agency: DDB
Director: Rene Eller

Lego – Box
I’ll keep my introductions for this one brief. If ever Lego needed a TV spot 🙂

Agency: BBH
Director: Frank Budgen

United Airlines – Dragon
United Airlines is not what anyone would call a ‘sexy’ advertiser. They don’t make adventurous choices with their communication. No hopefully-viral videos. No trippy microsites. No smack-in-your-face promos. No, Sir. They make straight-forward television commercials – except that all their quaintly sophisticated commercials are executed with animation. Each one showcases a different style, a different animator. That’s something to think about, isn’t it?

Agency: Fallon
Director: Jamie Caliri

Sony PlayStation – Double Life
You’re this person in the real world. And this vastly-edited, wholly-glamourised version of it online. And all that would have remained a random marketing statistic. If it weren’t for this nifty little piece of (although it’s much more than that) advertising – which tapped into the whole online/gamer psyche. Here’s the virtuoso spot that launched a landmark product: the first PlayStation.

Agency: TBWA
Director: Frank Budgen

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