So you wanna watch a TV spot? – Part 1

Levi’s 501 – Procession
There was a time when you used to look out for the next Levi’s 501 spot. Here’s a blast from the past that is all about THE MOOD, baby. Shot on location at one of my favourite places in the whole wide world: New Orleans.

Agency: BBH
Director: Michael Haussman

Polaroid – Resignation
Superb visual storytelling from one of my favourite ad- and feature-film directors. Fantastic editing, music…and did I mention that the spot was in Japanese? Not that it matters 🙂

Agency:  BBH
Director: Michel Gondry

Lexus ES – Cards
What do a world-record beating cardstacker and a luxury car have in common? More than you think. Meticulously orchestrated and flawlessly executed, this spot for the Lexus ES is a class-act. Although, I don’t much care for the old geezer who did the voice-over!

Agency: Team One
Director: Dante Ariola

British Airways – Musical Chairs
Usually I hate seeing cute, cuddly kids being used in ads. Unless it’s for something like the one below, for British Airways. A great piece of work from the good ol’ days with possibly the best casting I’ve ever seen in a TV spot.

Agency: M&C Saatchi
Director: Stuart Douglas

Nike Football – Leave Nothing
Somewhere between filming his stylish urban noirs Heat, Collateral and the more recent Public Enemies, director Michael Mann took a break to craft this jaw-droppingly awesome tour de force for the NFL’s opening season. The coolest thing about it? Oh the music’s fab, but the editing is classic.

Agency: Wieden+Kennedy
Director: Michael Mann

Agency: Team One, LA
Director: Dante Ariola

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4 responses to “So you wanna watch a TV spot? – Part 1

  1. Worth watching than switching channels. 🙂

  2. New add on of sidebar is interesting. a small Suggestion… It looks little cluttered now. Can you just rearrange sidebar like anything related to blog is one section and anything related to activism as another section.

  3. Actually, activism and technology are part of the blog’s categories 🙂 it’s just that I haven’t posted any articles on the subject yet…in the meantime I thought it would be nice if I could highlight specific sites regularly – they’d get added to the blogroll later on.

  4. I didn’t know it was done by Michael Mann! Thanks.

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