Saving your souls, one TV commercial at a time.

Lonely TV Set

Now that you’ve watched those accursed Vodafone ZooZoo commercials for the zillionth time and unwittingly participated in the most turgid viral sensation in recent years 😉 let’s move on. I’ve been collecting some cool (in my opinion) TV spots over the years – on to my CDs, DVDs and hard disks. Not the grainy, pixelated junk that ends up on YouTube. I’m talking hi-quality videos.

Starting today, I’ll be posting some here every week – sharing the goodness with the world, so to speak. Not all of them have won awards (although some of them are way up there). Not all of them are well-known (some were created for specific markets). But each and every one of them is imaginative, engaging and intelligent. So sit back. Relax. And enjoy the show.

P.S. Oh and folks? Do feel free to comment.

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